BS Trading provides different types of broadcasts and telecom equipment for different sectors. We mainly focus on

 Television Studios

For TV studios’ plateau Our company offers a big choice of special lighting systems and the most high-quality screens of LED technology in the world. TV producers are permanently seeking the most impressive means, and BS Trading provides the most resourceful solutions. Our company has provided full-studio solutions

Broadcast IT Systems


New ideas and methods come rapidly in the TV industry, and there is a need to respond, create, and execute just as rapidly. We also know the need to combine speed with quality to be successful. Now, this can be achieved with intelligent workflow innovations allowing the power to automate and determine workflows, link them to business functions such as rights management, and achieve a high level of overall connectivity.


Today’s media businesses face many difficult challenges, from expanding content requirements, tighter deadlines, and workflow inefficiencies to a growing need to address more than a single-screen audience with the rapid take-up of new markets such as WebTV and mobile TV. Solutions lie in higher-quality creative tools, quicker turnaround times, and simultaneous distribution of media on multiple platforms, all built on a strong foundation of intelligent asset management.