Import Products

BS Trading offers specialized importing services to various enterprises and businesses for products and services including, but not limited to, electromechanical equipment, media and communications products, industrial and commercial chemicals, and home and office furniture. Our company has supported our industrial and commercial clients with high-value solutions for the past five years.

Electromechanical Equipment

We engage in the supply of a range of commercial and industrial electromechanical equipment for industrial and commercial clients across different sectors. BS Trading has established a track record for delivering high-end equipment sourced from experienced and certified partners around the world.


Focus Areas of our Electromechanical Solutions

Industrial Machines and accessories

  • Generators, Electricity Infrastructure Materials, Spare Parts and different types of Accessories
  • Complete End-to-End HVAC Equipment, Related Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Industrial Machineries, Controller Systems, Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Industrial, Commercial and private-use Elevators and Related Equipment

Electronic Equipment

BS Trading is experienced in the supply of specialized electronic equipment and devices for a variety of sectors. We work with a highly technical and technologically advanced range of partners across the world to provide solutions for electronic-based industries.

Focus areas in our operational portfolio include:

  • PLC-based Based Digital machines
  • Sensors, Encoders and machine parts Control System
  • Dataloggers and Remote Monitoring sensors
  • PLC Modules, Control Systems, and Boards
  • CCTV, Alarm and Firefighting Equipment and Related Accessories


  • Water treatment Chemicals
  • Petroleum Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals Chemicals
  • Plastic Industries raw materials
  • Lab Equipment and Fine Chemicals
  • Reprocessing Poly-amides
  • Cosmetic raw materials
  • Morgan Chemicals
  • Fertilizer products

We also offer aromatic herbs and spices according to customers’ applications. We are working together with different item suppliers in various countries, like frozen, dehydrated, and infused products.


BS Trading exports different types of furniture for hotels, real estate, houses, and offices.

Import and install hotel furniture according to the request.

Import and install the latest home furniture.

Import and install office furniture.